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Jackie R.

I love the philosophy! I'm looking forward to having you convince me to use my gorgeous Lennox place-settings (complete service for 12), my crystal and silver. All of it has gone untouched since it was opened at my wedding shower nearly 9 years ago!


When I was first married years ago, I loved cooking and trying new recipes. Having raised my son and being on my own, I became “Lazy” in the kitchen. After reading your philosophy, it made me excited to take the time to enjoy cooking again. I am looking forward to following your blog to experience your recipes. Thank you Kannoli and Kraut!


I love this!!!! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!!


I've been saying for YEARS that I want to stop making "boxed" meals and give "real" cooking a try...but always come up for excuses. I think your blog will be just the trick to inspire me!! :) PS. LOVE the name!

Colleen Young

I have to admit one of my most used cookbooks was titled the " I Hate to Cook Cookbook" please help...

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